Amateur Radio Satellites, how can I talk on one with my 2 meter?

ltkenbo said:

I have had a Technician license for quite some time now but haven't talked in a while. I have a Vertex VX-150 Handheld 2 Meter Transceiver and I was interested in how to pickup/talk via Amateur satellites. They are just like repeaters right? How could I do this?

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  • laurahal42 says:

    AMSAT have the answers you need.

    You generally need full-duplex cross-band capability.

  • zahbudar says:

    Hello and welcome to the world of VHF ham radio.

    First of all, to get into SAT COM operations with your amateur equipment I would highly recommend that you
    obtain the latest copies of publications from The ARRL such as QST magazine and CQ magazine (possibly on the news stands near you). These pubs will list out various handbooks which show the methods and techniques used to talk to other hams using satellites as relay stations, etc. Purchase the ones you wish and read up on the principles before going hog wild with the effort.

    You will need the following at a minum:
    2 Meter and 440 dual band base station radio.
    Beams for 2 Meters and 440 which can be steered
    in azimuth as well as elevation.
    Software for predicted flight paths and times of visibility for the various satellites which you wish to utilize…there are several.

    When all of this is arranged and working you will be ready for your first shot at a SAT QSO.

    I seriously doubt you will be able to work anything or anyone using a satellite with a walkie talkie. So focus all of your efforts on being able to hear the satellite first.


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